Management Team -  iBoard Incorporated founding members are seasoned management executives, technologists and marketers who have an average of 30+ years of applicable experience, including successful startup and management of private and public entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Christopher Gentile, President / CEO - Details
  • Adam Nemitoff, Chief Technology Officer - Details
  • Taylor Cherry, Chief Operating Officer
    served four years as an Intelligence Officer in the United States Air Force, where he was first exposed to the rapid proliferation of Internet technology within the Department of Defense.  Quickly rising to the rank of Captain, Taylor was selected to head a Joint Intelligence Technical Education Task Force that trained the DOD global Intelligence Community on the operation of the UNIX-based Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System (JDISS), an encrypted Internet-based platform that allowed Intelligence personnel to rapidly share resources for improved analysis and reaction times.  Leveraging his Air Force experience, Cherry was hired by Texas-based Paranet (Acquired by Sprint) to provide project management services to Fortune 1000 clients in New York, then Silicon Valley, eventually rising to Northeast Technical Manager , responsible for over 200 technical analysts from Boston to Washington, D.C., Taylor joined MC Squared in 2006 as a Senior Producer and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in early 2009. Mr. Cherry has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Bingham Young University.
  • Gene Timmons, Chief Creative Officer - Details
  • Bud Gilson, Chief Marketing Officer - Details
  • Robert Rohinsky, EVP Business Development - Details
  • Witt Stewart, EVP Entertainment Strategy - Details

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