Retail iBoards® are consumer facing desktop and mobile apps that deliver unique, higher quality consumer experiences.  Ecommerce based Retail iBoards® transforms standard digital content into immersive interactive digital experiences, purchasable by the consumer, while subscription based Retail iBoards® allow users to communicate and exchange digital information in a welcome, secure and private environment.

    Music iBoards® are a series of Retail iBoards® that enhance the music experience. The ScatterTunes iBoard® ( is an album centric digital music store featuring the V-Album iBoard®, with multimedia content from all major record labels. The V-Albums deliver a patent pending immersive experience that combines high quality, iTunes-compatible music tracks, with lyrics, videos, digital booklets, merchandise, live Twitter feeds, concert tickets and much more. V-Albums sold through ScatterTunes, Target and Best Buy, have been created for top artists, such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, John Mayer, Trace Adkins, Rascal Flatts and many more. The V-Album Creator iBoard® ( is a newly released free authoring tool that allows independent artist and smaller record labels to easily create their own V-Albums. When published through the VA Creator iBoard®, artists are provided with a full custom store for the sale and fulfillment of their V-Album creations.

    Family iBoard® is a first of its kind desktop and mobile application that provides families with a truly Private Family Network to share and interact with digital content between family members only, and specifically designed for family orientated features and functionality. The Family iBoard® allows even its most remote members, such as US military personnel, to be always connected with each other. All Family iBoard® content, pictures, videos, calendars, diaries, scanned heirloom documents etc are encrypted and only viewable within the iBoard® Player, and only to approved family members. In addition, our Cloud Network Storage guarantees the subscribers that their content will always be available to pass down from generation to generation. To view full details of the Family iBoard®, visit

    Organization/Club iBoard® allows any club or special interest organization, to create their own private, secure app to communicate and exchange content to and among members.  Whether a large religious congregation, a local girl scout troop, or just a bowling team, members can share their thoughts, pictures, video and other digital content  safely in an easy to use desktop or mobile app. And uploaded subscriber content can automatically be approved by an appointed Administrator(s) before it is published to the organization at large. For more information about the Organization/Club iBoards® please contact us at

    Small Business iBoard® is an effective and intuitive shrink wrapped app, allowing small businesses to create their own private, secure network to communicate with employees, franchisees, sub contractors and vendors. Using a full range of digital content, including live video streaming capability, Small Business iBoards® can greatly decrease production and distribution costs, while improving comprehension and communication. For more information about the Small Business iBoard please contact us at


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