iBoard® products include proprietary and patent pending technologies that improve user functionality, interaction and customization, while maintaining high levels of security and privacy.

iBoard® Manager is a patent-pending applet that automatically launches whenever the app is powered up and running in the background to:

  • Manage multiple iBoards® apps
    • Coordinate all downloads and uploads
    • Eliminate all app conflicts
    • Single applet running in the background
  • Deliver cross-platform messaging
    • To  Computers
      • Using the iBoard® QuickView toast widget, even when iBoard® is not running
      • Inactivity Sensors deliver messages only when device activities are present
    • To Mobile Devices
      • Text Messaging for all mobile devices
      • Full iBoard® App for top mobile devices

iBoard® Notifier is a intelligent iBoard® component that alerts users about installed iBoard(s) offerings when users are searching for like products and services in web browsers. The iBoard® Notifier  launches the iBoard® QuickView to deliver  messaging directly to the desktop or mobile device when users:

  • Browse websites that include installed iBoard® client products and services
  • Browse competitive websites of installed iBoard® client products and services
  • Use search engines for installed iBoard® client products and services

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